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Preparing for a baby can be as daunting and overwhelming as it is joyful and blessed. After the first rush of happiness settles and the time to first hold your little one in your arms draws near, apprehension and panic tends to hit in waves. Most never feel fully prepared for their first born. Even if you have read all the books, checked all the boxes in your head a dozen times and attended every pre-natal class on offer, you can never fully shake off the feeling that you may have forgotten something or that there is something missing from all your many lists – I speak from experience – so here are a few tips/lists that may help settle that niggling feeling a little.


BabyBrains The brain child of Sylvia Dalvit Ménabé, Babybrains is a series of workshops on the cognitive development of infants. It is aimed at parents and children and provides support all the way...

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Ingenious baby products

Wrap a hug Azzurra Miotto, originally from Italy, is a local mum, based in Hampstead, who devised her wonderful new way of carrying a baby after she went through a traumatic change of birth...

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