The practicalities of shopping for a new born

It is easy to get carried away when you are shopping for your first born and buy everything on the shelf on top of everything everyone tells you to buy, and everything you read about as being absolutely vital for you and your new born.  Building on your own excitement and that of everyone around you and trying to make sure you don’t get caught short, it is very easy to end up buying so many unnecessary things that you will suddenly realise – possibly three to six months into your new born’s life -that you never even took some of them out of the box, and you will swear that if you have another, you will NEVER make that mistake again and make a mental note to sell everything on ebay when you get a minute. If you are anything like me, three to four years on, you would not have sold anything nor had that elusive second child yet! 

So in my experience, here is a list that I felt were “actual” everyday essentials to start off with.


Nappy disposal system/nappy bin

Baby wipes (preferably water based)


Cotton wool balls


Baby bath

Changing mat

Nappy cream

Baby cream/moisturiser/olive oil/vaseline

Sleep suits/body suits



Flat sheets

Waterproof mattress cover



Diaper bag (for when you are out and about)


A couple of toys preferably black and white and/or reflective toys and books

Infant car seat


Vitamin drops

Bottles and teats and formula (if not breast feeding)


Bottle brush

Teat brush




Baby thermometer

Gripe water



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