Balancing Inner and Outer Worlds By Ginny Bradley

Ginny has worked worldwide, as a dancer, choreographer and artistic director for over 20 years,

Ginny has devoted the past 25 years to working with children and adults. In 1997, she completed a post-graduate degree in drama therapy (Sesame Method) at the Royal Central School for Speech and Drama. Her subsequent teaching experience at Tree House School with autistic children, and the Speech, Language, and Hearing Centre informs her work, and underscores that there is more than one rule for all kids!

She then founded and directed a company for twenty years that provided classes, parties, and workshops for children. In September 2017, she passed that company to a new owner, and is delighted to have moved on to new and innovative projects.

In Summer 2018, Ginny completed a certification (Teach Paws. b) through the Mindfulness in Schools Project. She then went on to complete Dr Safia Debar’s workshop and follow-on class in the Stress Management and Resiliency Training method originated by Harvard Medical School and the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

As Ginny Bradley watches an earlier generation of her students graduate from university, she is eager to work with the next generation, concentrating on offering new material to build healthy attitudes, mindful ways of thinking, and most importantly, positive individuality. This, she feels, is timely and the most important part of her work today.

She has created a new endeavor, Together, to take this important work to children (and adults!) through private sessions, group classes, workshops, retreats, and classes in nurseries and primary schools. She also teaches a movement and mindfulness classes for staff training days at nurseries and schools.

Today, children are more pressurized to fit in, and achieve certain goals at a very young age Inevitably, as a consequence, these pressures can lead to anxiety, insecurity, and lack of confidence.

One question that parents frequently ask Ginny is: How can I encourage my child to be more confident, more outgoing, less self-deprecating, and more willing to express themselves authentically?

Ginny’s approach is to balance both sides of the coin, the child’s inner and outer worlds. She coaches children in both individual and group settings, showing them simple but effective means to realize themselves in the world.

By clarifying the child’s comprehension of their own identity, her work helps them learn and reinforce skills for interacting with others in a variety of situations. She helps children to establish a solid core; a base from which they can manage all circumstances with assurance.

Her tools and techniques include mindfulness, creative role play, somatic awareness, constructive games, mask work, poetry/story, writing and art work. Her sessions are always imparted with the skill and warmth that characterizes her work.

Responses to this new work have been very positive and enthusiastic. Through individual and group work, children have been able to find a firmer, more confident and aware place in their world. This is something Ginny believes is fundamentally relevant, and a lifelong project!

Please see the testimonials on the website testimonials page.

For children:

  • Individual (one-to-one) private sessions
  • Saturday morning group sessions, the Together Program
  • Holiday and half-term workshops
  • Private small group sessions
  • Nurseries – Moving into Mindfulness. Building awareness of, and attention to, the child’s inner and outer worlds

For adults

  • Private coaching sessions with parents
  • Moving into Confidence classes
  • Movement and Mindfulness for Staff during training days. Nurseries, schools.
  • Sessions for teenagers before exams. College in North London
  • Retreats and workshops (in conjunction with SF Studios)

Please visit her website to learn more or contact Ginny.

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