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Victoria Rennoldson describes her business. My business, Perfect Cuppa English, helps to settle international families into life locally through English language, culture and orientation services. The sessions are tailored individually, and take place in the convenience of people’s home or discreetly at work, at a time which suits them. I usually work on a 1:1 basis or in very small groups for everyone to get the best results.

I’d worked in Marketing for over 10 years when I had my 1st child, Olly. I was determined to go back to work part-time but the reality of pursuing my career, commuting and enjoying my time with Olly didn’t work, and I couldn’t reach the right mix. I decided to take some time to rethink; I knew I wanted to work and find something that worked better for us all. I retrained in teaching English, then teaching Business English.

I started teaching English, but I realised most people want to understand the English as people, our culture, our ways of doing things but most of all, orientation and help to work out how to get things done when moving to London. This city can be so much fun for families, but it can also be terribly isolating, lonely and hard to meet friends. Equally relevant for English speakers, as much as English learners.

And why is it called Perfect Cuppa? It means “The perfect cup of English tea”; the ultimate symbol of English culture, which the English drink in a certain way. In the same way, Perfect Cuppa English helps you understand the culture, speak more confidently and get the most out of your time here in London.

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