Mother’s Day Ideas for Dad

Did you know that on the highest number of telephone calls is made on Mother’s Day? We’re not sure if that’s an actual fact but it is a lovely sentiment – the implication being that most people appreciate their mother enough to call them at least on that one special day.

Classics are classics for a reason: flowers, chocolates and cards will ALWAYS be welcome (those homemade cards are irreplaceable treasures), but it’s always lovely when our other halves help our kids go that extra mile (i.e. do it for them when they’re too little or drop not so subtle hints when they’re a bit older).

So here’s a list of ten things that would make us even happier… Husbands / partners / other halves, take note!!!

  1. FLOWERS. Local florists are waiting for hapless partners to run in at the last moment to grab that essential bouquet. But, if you haven’t left it too late, there are some fantastic deals to be had online. Check out some great deals here: (note this includes deals on flowers, restaurants, champagne and prosecco as well as gifts! You’re welcome.)
  2. BREAKFAST IN BED is essential on Mother’s Day (after that elusive lie in!). It doesn’t need to be fancy. A coffee or tea to her liking, a fresh pastry, some fruit…even just toast. It’s really all in the thought here. Then let her linger in the shower for longer than she’s normally able to… Without interruptions.
  3. HOMEMADE CARDS are much more special (if you need to, you can do this while she’s sleeping in). Too small to draw / scribble? A use a hand or footprint. Snaffle one of the many masterpieces that your cherubs have created and use it as the front cover. These messy, random (dinosaurs anyone?!) cards are treasured keepsakes. Remember to write the date on the back.
  4. MASSAGE! Yes everyone seems to want a massage from hubby (without the need to reciprocate… until Father’s Day at least). At least half an hour of easing the stresses in those muscles (or a spa voucher). You can double up here – a lovely candle makes a great gift and can help to set the tone.
  5. GIFTS. It’s 2018 which means there are very few reasons you can’t get a gift in time for Mother’s Day. With Amazon Prime (or a free trial thereof) and pretty much every shop you’ll walk past having some kind of Mother’s Day display, there’s really no excuse not to get something. It’s been advertised since January 2nd, after all!
  6. HANDMADE GIFTS. Decorate a frame, a paint pot, candle holder, whatever you think appropriate. It needn’t be extravagant – simple and thoughtful wins each time. A photo of mum with the kids or even the whole family is a sure fire winner.
  7. LUNCH. If it’s usually mum’s responsibility to organise meals, make sure she knows you’ve got it handled. That might mean you’ve whispered with the kids to prepare a lovely lunch or booked a restaurant (and you will need to book!) Either way, absolve mum of the responsibility. (Maybe also make sure the kids have done their homework for tomorrow!)
  8. FAMILY. If you’re seeing family in the day, be sure to carve out some time in the day for your kids’ mum, but don’t forget to spoil your mum / mother in law too. Flowers, chocolate, or even another card from the kids for granny. Why not think about booking an afternoon tea or meal? Our mothers shape us, so it’s lovely for our kids to see how we appreciate our mums!
  9. DINNER. Again, don’t forget to book. We’ve got some great suggestions for restaurants to go to here: Why not take mum to the restaurant she’s been dying to try but you’re less keen on, or that film you wouldn’t normally go to. Go on, you know you don’t mind really!
  10. LOVE. Finally, Mother’s Day is about family. Schedule time for lots of kisses and cuddles (even if that means bribing the most reluctant children). No matter how old our babies get, there’s nothing like a big cuddle so that we can think about how it was just yesterday they were born and how they’ve grown in the blink of an eye. And tell her how much you appreciate her.

We don’t want you to think we don’t appreciate the dads, husbands and partners in our lives. We do and we know that you’re an important part of the family and we love each and every one of you. And you’ll be even more appreciated after a fantastic Mother’s Day!

From all the mums that send this to you, THANK YOU!

Enjoy your day!


Photograph by Dakota Corbin

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