Sophrology for Mums (and the whole family) when life becomes too stressful! By Dominique Antiglio, Founder of BeSophro


Dominique Antiglio is a mum of a 17 month old boy, a Sophrologist and is the founder of BeSophro. She is a local mum who is passionate about showing parents how to manage the anxieties and stresses of life in general. Hailing from Switzerland, Dominique herself has practised Sophrology from a young age and is keen to share her experiences and knowledge. Below is a brief description of what Sophrology is and what its’ benefits are. 




Let’s face it, Mums are busy people! Whether you are a full-time working mum, a part-time or an at home mum, there is so much to think about, anticipate, organise or choose from.

From what your child will eat today to choosing child care and a school, or how to balance work and family, or planning for the future. Feelings of guilt can pop in too, for example worrying that we don’t spend enough quality time with our children, or getting too snappy with our children when we are tired. For those families who have just arrived in London, it might be an extra challenge to create a social circle and understand how things work here.

As a mum of a 17 month old myself, I know that, for example, finding the right school is a project in itself! Attending open days, talking to the teachers, discovering the facilities and working out the shortest commute. These are important choices for our children’s future and it is easy to start to get stressed about it.

With younger children, the family’s sleep schedule can also become disrupted and that usually doesn’t help with making clear choices. Sleeplessness tends to worsen the worried state of the parents or bring tensions between partners in a couple.

We can easily fall into a vicious circle of feeling exhausted, anxious or unhappy as we get side-tracked by details that may be irrelevant.

However, parents are not the only ones who can become stressed and tired. In my practice I also meet with older children, those who are studying for GCSCs and A- Levels, and I have noticed that many of them find this time in their lives extremely busy and pressurised. They often anticipate revisions and the exams day with high levels of anxiety. For some, all these worries alter their ability to study or their minds freeze on the exam’s day, as if they hadn’t prepared nor revised.

For mums, talking to a friend and building your network with other mums can be a good way to relieve some of the stress and feel more supported in your journey. You are not the only one who is going through this, and finding a local support group like Mums in the Wood can be a real lifesaver.

Being busy and active can be a source of positive stress, but what if worrying, tiredness and negative stresses start taking over your life?

When I was 15, I discovered Sophrology and it still supports me to this day, as a woman, a mum, a wife and a Sophrologist.

Living in my native Switzerland, I was going through a phase of intense tiredness and tensions and needed help. My GP didn’ t find anything wrong with me and referred my to a Sophrologist. In a few sessions, practising some tailored breathing and relaxation techniques, visualisation and body awareness exercises, my energy levels rapidly increased, my mood was lifted and, most importantly, I understood what was making me tired and how I could positively deal with it.

Sophrology is a fairly recent technique that started in Spain in 1960 as the direct result of years of research into psychology, relaxation practices and Eastern philosophies like yoga and meditation. The founder of Sophrology is Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a psychiatrist and neurologist, who travelled the world to learn different methods to positively influence consciousness and distil them into something unique. His method is now established on the Continent notably in schools, clinics, sports environments, maternities etc… I had the pleasure of learning from him amongst many other great Sophrologists.

Sophrology ( is a dynamic relaxation technique that can be useful to manage stress and develop a more positive attitude, see things from a different perspective, or address a specific worry. It can aid a restful sleep, learn efficient ways to deal with stress and prepare for events like exams, interviews or speeches. Its practice is simple and with just 10 minutes a day, it can support your journey of self-discovery.

Being able to look at your child through a positive and confident lens will support him or her in their development. Learning to create a confident perspective about their future will help you as parent make the right choices for them.

Sophrology changed my life and transformed it for the better: it helped transform my relationships, my work, and the way I relate with my family. Sophrology can help you develop a different mindset, whereby you start to see the opportunities instead of focusing on the problems. Sophrology is like a breath of fresh air when you are so busy with your family life!

Dominique Antiglio is one of the UK’s leading Sophrologists, and the founder of BeSophro. She specializes in stress-management, self-development  and birth preparation using Sophrology. For the last 12 years, Dominique has been successfully helping a wide array of clients positively transform their daily lives as they continue to discover their full potential through the method. Sophrology is a comprehensive method which combines breathing, relaxation, body awareness and visualization to allow us to develop our inner resources, and to give us the tools and strategies we need to overcome stress and, ultimately, to create the lives we want.

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