The brain child of Sylvia Dalvit Ménabé, Babybrains is a series of workshops on the cognitive development of infants. It is aimed at parents and children and provides support all the way from conception to the third year of the child. The programme relies on scientific methodology in providing parents with the knowledge and guidance to help and support the quality of the relationship between parents and children. Silvia studied psychology at the LMU in Germany and gained a PHD from the University of London in Neurology. She wrote her thesis on the relationship between attention and memory. She then joined a company of cognitive psychologists researching and teaching brain science to businesses. She founded Babybrains in 2012 after the birth of her first son in 2011. She now has three children and has also started another project to support positive birth in Italy. She speaks fluent Italian, French, English and German and believes firmly that insights from neuroscience can help parents become more balanced, natural and fun and grow and develop with their children.

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