Specialist doctors

This is a list put together of all the specialists in the area and out, based on parental recommendations. Please do feel free to add to this list as it is by no means exhaustive and I would really appreciate any feedback and additions to this list.




Dr Lee Noimark

Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

General Paediatrician and Allergy specialist

020 7806 4000


Dr Mike Coren

Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

General Paediatrician

020 7886 6710/6402


Dr Olga Kapellou

The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth

General Paediatrician and Neonatologist



Dr  Delphine Sekri

Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

Women and Children’s issues including immunisations



Mr David Albert

Portland Hospital

Paediatric ENT

020 7390 8300


Mrs Patricia Wilson

Wellington Women’s Clinic

Women’s reproductive issues including early pregnancy care

0207 722 8328


Mr Antony Kontos

London Foot and Ankle Centre

Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

Flat feet, bow legs etc in children and diabetic Feet etc in adults

020 7078 3800


Mr Raj Ragoowansi

Wellington Hospital

Cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery

020 8709 7878


Mrs Angeli Degardin

Hampstead Children’s Clinic

Speech therapy for children

07973 940864


Dr Justine Kluk

999 Medical Centre

Cosmetic Dermatologist

0203 733 3225


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