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Introducing a wonderful and innovative new way to teach vocabulary to children, Mrs Wordsmith is different from all other teaching aids. This is a subscription based, six month programme, delivered straight to your door. All parents have to do is tear off a placemat a day and leave their child to complete it for 10 minutes. A strong foundation of up to 300 richly descriptive words will transform your child’s reading comprehension, writing ability and confidence. The products come beautifully packaged. Children love it and learn quickly, giggling as they work and gathering an impressive repertoire at the speed of light. We used it and we love it.

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The Beginning

Vocabulary development is critical to academic achievement and general self-confidence in children. Words are the building blocks of knowledge. They bring meaning to life. It is the single biggest contributor to a child’s performance in school across all subjects. Children will spend the better part of the rest of their lives searching for the right words to use. Words matter. They make a difference to how people perceive us, help us secure a good job and even help us sway the person we fall in love with. People have always been storytelling creatures, and now more than ever before thanks to the internet.

To lure children away from their video games and TV shows, we have to be visually arresting, side-splittingly funny, at times absurd, irreverent, and totally fresh. So we wooed Craig Kellman, the award-winning artist behind the blockbuster films Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania, to work with us.  Together Craig and leading neuroscientists we create innovative vocabulary products. Our aim is to bring the creativity of Hollywood to education so that our children fall in love with learning words. Mrs Wordsmith is on a mission to illustrate the English language one rare word at a time  so that children fall in love with learning these words .

The journey begins now, at home and in school. Helping our children find the right words to improve their writing and reading comprehension skills doesn’t have to be a laborious task. As parents we know this and we’ve all wasted a fortune on Amazon buying workbooks, or wasted hours downloading tedious worksheets. We even found ourselves drawing little pictures on post-it notes to illustrate the meanings of words to our children. That’s when the team behind Mrs Wordsmith, realised that there must be better, more effective ways to teach vocabulary and Mrs Wordsmith was born. Products range from wonderful large beautifully illustrated books (from which you tear off a page a day)  to reward dollars and even loo roll and is rolled out monthly for six months.


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The Team 

Craig Kellman – Art Director, and award winning artist behind a vast cast of characters including those from Dreamworks’ blockbusters Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania, as well as Sony’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Sofia Fenichell is co-founder and CEO of Mrs Wordsmith. She is a serial entrepreneur who also founded Wonder Place Ltd.  Prior to Wonder PL, Sofia was an Executive Director and analyst for leading hedge funds and investment banks Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and UBS. She has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA in History from Northwestern University.

Dr Lesley Sand, PhD-  our Curriculum Director, is a cognitive neuroscientist from the University of Maryland, with a background in Special Education and Learning Disabilities. Her primary research interests include brain mechanisms related to language and reading development. Dr Sand has extensive experience working with children who have a range of learning disabilities, and has coached parents and teachers in adaptive learning strategies.

Ian Brookes – Lexicographer, former Editor in Chief of Chambers Dictionary. Ian is the former editor-in-chief of The Chambers Dictionary and has led or contributed to the creation of over 50 dictionaries and reference books from Chambers, HarperCollins, and Oxford University Press. He is also a keen sports fan and has written a book about cricket, Essex CCC On This Da
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