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There are a lot of mums out there who have, in recent times,  taken to running their own businesses or working from home or even working part time. Many of these super mums still do the lion share of the housework, cooking and cleaning and child rearing,  (for those of you whose husbands take an equal part, congratulations, you are very lucky) and still find the time, to run their businesses/work.

According to many newspaper reports and statistics, the number of stay at home mummies who have started their own businesses have risen rapidly over the last few years and being a mumpreneur is becoming a hot new trend. While this rise is attributed in some degree to the rising cost of childcare, or to balancing the power between husband and wife, (in those circumstances where mums opt to give up their careers and stay home and take care of the kids), there is a significant percentage of mums who have gone down this route so that they can just spend more time with their children and achieve a healthier work/life balance.

Regardless of the reason though, mumpreneurs are coming into focus more and more these days and are making extremely noteworthy contributions to the economy. Most of these women have worked in the city, in corporate environments and are now using their expertise to create their own businesses. By no means an easy task. Taking care of children and setting up a business, learning and understanding market strategy, hiring an accountant, learning about taxation, managing cash flow, while all the time, also engaging toddlers/children, making sure all the daily tasks for running a home are done, is a juggling act that few can manage and they deserve our fullest encouragement and admiration. As such, we thought it would be a nice idea to showcase some of the local mums who run their own businesses in a show of support and solidarity.

Scroll through the different sub sections to find out how the entrepreneurial spirit has inspired our local mums.


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