Wrapsody – a gift wrapping service for busy mums

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The founder of Wrapsody, Kirsten Westlake, remembers  how she launched her bespoke luxury gift wrapping service.

“3 years ago I posted on Facebook, saying how much I was looking forward to wrapping my Christmas presents that year and was met with a barrage of posts in reply, telling me how crazy I was and how much people were dreading that task.  I thought this was so sad.  For me,  it has always been one of my favourite parts of Christmas. The run up to Christmas should be a fun time.  Too many people feel the pressure to wrap presents beautifully, but don’t really have the time, inclination or maybe even the artistic skills.  So, gift-wrapping becomes another chore on a long to-do list.

My father taught me to wrap as a toddler. He’d invent roles for melike ‘chief Sellotape cutter.’ It became a family ritual that we would always sit down together before Christmas to do all the family’s wrapping. We would sigh and moan about the amount of work we had ahead of us, but secretly I loved it. Hopefully he did too. Looking back, I think he was probably begged by my mum to keep me amused for a couple of hours. After that, wrapping became a creative outlet, then a passion and then, after a lot of training and practice, a profession.”

Wrapsody (www.wrapsody.co.uk) was set up, 3 years ago to solve this problem in a way that minimises gift wrapping’s impact on the environment.  A bespoke gift wrapping service that makes gifts beautiful, Wrapsody specialises in creating inspired gift design, but prioritising environmentally friendly sources.  Prices start at £3 a gift and all paper used during the Christmas period is made from 100% recycled material.

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