Dressing themselves


Dressing tips


  • Buy games, books and puzzles that have large buttons, zips, velcro fastenings and lacing. You can also try large beads and buttons that your little ones can thread. These are great for getting them interested in doing the activity itself and can be bought on Amazon. There are also dolls with clothes and shoes that come on and off. Playing with paper dolls, cloth dolls (there are pirate dolls for boys) will also help.
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  • Help them to choose what items of clothing go on first, second, third etc. to get them used to the order in which you put things on.
  • Undressing is usually easier so it might be worth trying that first. Generally, start with socks and trousers/skirts.
  • Coats – Putting on a coat is really easy if you stand your child facing you, place the coat on the ground with the outside touching the ground, place  the hood/top end of the coat or jacket at your child’s feet and the bottom of the coat away from them. Then encourage them to put their arms into the sleeves and pull it on over their heads.
    coat tricks
  • Shoes – Let them try shoes that they can slip on as an initial introduction to putting them on by themselves.
  • Socks It is best if you start off with socks that are a little big. Either yours or your husband’s as these will be easier for little hands to pull on and off. Make sure that they are sitting on the ground or a low stool or the bottom step when doing this as reaching their feet will be easier that way.
  • Tops – These are easiest if you teach them to put their arms through the sleeves first and then hold the bottom of the blouse/t-shirt/top and pull it on over their heads.
  • Bottoms – The best way to get any bottom on is to sit down somewhere and get one leg in at a time. Teach them that the label goes to the back or if your child won’t tolerate labels and you have to cut them off, put an x with a marker on the back so they know which way to hold the article of clothing. Teach them to sit down and start off and then stand up as they pull it up higher.
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