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A very good place to start would be to visit your GP when you decide to start trying. Stop the caffein and alcohol, stop the cigarettes and strenuous exercise. Eating well, drinking at least 3 litres of water and exercising will all help towards achieving your goal. If you are one of the lucky ones and fall pregnant naturally, then that is great. Unfortunately though for most, this is not the case.

As mums and dads get older before they are ready to have a child whether it be for professional reasons, financial reasons or purely just preference, a considerably rising percent of them have to deal with a number of unthought of fertility related issues. The general consensus among parents trying, seems to be that after the age of 35, you try for three months and if things don’t appear to be working, you consider contacting a fertility clinic.

There are many issues that affect couples of which, in recent times, un-diagnosed immune disorders seem to top the list. While most clinics disregard the impact of immune disorders on the uterus, there are many books and papers dedicated to the massive impact it seems to have on the success rate of normal or IVF pregnancies. In fact, likely most theories seem to lean toward the fact that if a couple have had 3 or more miscarriages after trying naturally or through IVF, then the likelihood of immune disorders is high on the list.

Unexplained fertility issues comes a close second with endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, tubal damage etc coming further down the list. According to one research paper, one is six couples now find it difficult to conceive.  Add to this, the possible male fertility issues and you begin to see why the statistics are what they are.

I am no medical expert nor am I a doctor but from my research and the time I have spent on the numerous forums in my own quest for a second child, I have come to learn that this above all seems to be the main issue that plagues a healthy pregnancy.

Below are a few clinics and doctors of which/of whom I have heard good things. Please feel free as always to add to this if you can. Recommendations are always welcome.



Fertility Clinics


The ARGC – 13, Upper Wimpole Street, London W1G 6LP (020 7486 1230)

The best clinic based on the depth of investigation, success rates and individualised treatment plan. The level of care and investigation surpasses that of any other London clinic, but ofcourse such individualised treatment comes at a cost. If you can afford it, the ARGC is probably your best bet.


The Lister Fertility Clinic – The Lister Hospital, Chelsea Bridge Road, London SW1W 8RH (020 7881 2000)

Although their success rates are not as high as the ARGC, they adopt a similar approach to investigation and treatment. Slightly more affordable than the ARGC, their approach to immunology  testing is similar.


Barcelona IVF – Edificio Planetarium, Escoles Pies 103. Barcelona 08017 (+34 93 417 69 16)

With the cost of IVF in London mounting, many couples seek treatment elsewhere but to go without recommendation is something that most people fear. This is a very highly rated clinic with hardly any bad reviews at all. Their success rates and incredibly high and in some cases higher than any clinic in the UK. Mums on forums have recommended this as the top rated clinic in Barcelona. The staff are incredibly warm and friendly and their response time to emails and telephone calls are literally just minutes. The testing also is on par with the UK though the cost is around 1/3 what you pay here.



Institut Marqués – LA MASÍA CLÍNICA CIMA, Pº Manuel de Girona, 33,  Barcelona 08034 (+34 93 285 82 16)

With administrative offices in London and Dublin, dedicated persons to each case in the language of your choice and a knowledge of immunology, their success rates rival that of ARGC. While I do not have personal recommendations presented to me regarding the clinic, press reports and forums speak highly of their success rates.




The Miscarriage Clinic

Dr Hassan Shehata is well known for being able to treat immunological disorders and aid pregnancy. Those with many miscarriages have had much success with the treatments administered by Dr Hassan Shehata.


Surrogacy and Adoption

If all else fails, options to consider, if you wanted to, could be surrogacy or adoption.

A good place to start with surrogacy would be,  http://www.surrogacyuk.org/

A good place to start with adoption if you were going down the domestic adoption route, would be to contact your local council or if you are considering an intercountry adoption, you could contact the IAC.   http://www.icacentre.org.uk/




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